We are AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and specialize in managing environments with the Lambda service with 100% certified professionals. Skyloop Cloud + AWS customers have the necessary experience to conduct each business, step by step, towards a technological, efficient and sustainable future.

With the AWS seal of quality for managed services, financial services, migration and storage skills, Skyloop Cloud works to ensure that customers achieve their business results by adopting best practices in managed services.

In addition to the seals of competence, we are recognized as experts in several AWS-specific services, such as Lambda.

AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda is a serverless program execution service. Since Lambda includes the server OS and applications, you can run your code without worrying about server management and operations. Lambda's execution code can also be configured to trigger other AWS services or be invoked directly from web or mobile apps. It is a service that is attracting attention from the viewpoint of reducing the load on the execution environment and high availability.

Usage of Lambda
By using serverless computing in combination with other services, the following can be achieved. However, it cannot be used in all cases, and it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the system.

Realize corporate website construction at low cost. Since Lambda prepares the execution environment, the user does not need to build a server. In addition, the cost and time required for their operation and maintenance can be reduced, and sites can be constructed at low cost.

Cooperation with IoT devices (sensors, cameras, IC card readers, AI speakers). By combining Lambda and AWS IoT Core, you can build a system that works with IoT devices in real time. Easily and securely communicate with cloud applications from any internet-connected device.

Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication Lambda can be used as a trigger in combination with Amazon Cognito to enable multi-factor authentication and temporary password issuance for new users. It realizes the construction and operation of the authentication function at low cost, and strengthens the security of the system.

Reduce operating costs for system monitoring by combining Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch/Amazon SNS, real-time system monitoring and alarm notification can be realized, and a low-cost operation monitoring mechanism can be realized.

Advantages of Lambda

Liberation from running servers

Since serverless is realized, conventional server maintenance and operation work is no longer necessary. You can reduce the labor and cost of the work.

Resource optimization

Lambda only pays for the time you use for computing. Cost optimization can be achieved because billing is based on usage only when the application is running, unlike a virtual server that is always running.

Considerations for Lambda

Understanding Serverless

Lambda is not suitable for all use cases and should be considered based on system characteristics. It is not suitable for applications that require real-time performance or long-term batch processing, so it requires an understanding of services and development systems and a high level of development ability.

Skyloop Cloud has a technical team with tens of years experience in serverless, making them experts in these requirements.

The experience gained by Skyloop Cloud's team, having faced diverse challenges across serverless design and AWS architecture make us the perfect strategic partner to ensure success in any AWS implementation project related to serverless.
Count on us to assist in the best practices of using this technology.


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