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What Is AWS IoT Core?

AWS IoT is a managed cloud service (platform) that enables connected devices to communicate with both other devices and AWS cloud applications. Through the internet, the AWS IoT platform enables secure bidirectional communication between the connected devices and the AWS cloud. The devices might be anything, including microcontrollers, sensors, and appliances. The platform links IoT devices to the cloud and enables safe communication between them as well as with a number of IoT apps.

The intelligence comes into play when it assists the company in gathering, analyzing, and storing data within the AWS cloud architecture for later processing. Businesses can also develop their own programs that will let customers use their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones to operate the equipment. When your company is linked to the AWS cloud platform, managing your application (or solution) through the AWS console is simple.

The AWS cloud infrastructure, which is used by numerous businesses worldwide, serves as the foundation for the AWS IoT platform. Because of this, businesses can simply take advantage of the AWS IoT platform, create IoT solutions for every conceivable use case, and expand their operations to meet their needs. A wide range of use cases are made possible by connecting devices, which also enables enterprises to save costs while increasing production and efficiency. More intriguingly, the devices can connect without an internet connection when combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.


The serverless tools and services provided by the AWS Cloud infrastructure enable companies to build their apps. Within the infrastructure, provisioning capabilities and scalability requirements are automatically met. This lowers the cost of creating an initial prototype product as well as the maintenance expenditures, particularly for new businesses. Being serverless means that companies only pay for the infrastructure they really utilize.

Millions of devices and messages may be supported by the strong, scalable, and secure infrastructure that underpins AWS IoT. Security is crucial for businesses, and AWS makes sure that every data transfer between the platform and the devices is secure. The platform maintains security at every stage of the data flow with the help of integrated security features including authentication, authorization, and encryption.


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