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What is Amazon EKS?

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a management service that natively integrates with Kubernetes to deploy applications.

The EKS service automatically manages and scales clusters of infrastructure resources on AWS with Kubernetes. With Amazon EKS, an enterprise can use Kubernetes without having to install, operate or manage the container orchestration software.

Why Amazon EKS?

Through AWS EKS, normally cumbersome steps are done for you, like creating the Kubernetes master cluster, as well as configuring service discovery, Kubernetes primitives, and networking. Existing tools will more than likely work through EKS with minimal mods, if any.

With Amazon EKS, the Kubernetes control plane--including the backend persistence layer and the API servers--is provisioned and scaled across various AWS availability zones, resulting in high availability and eliminating a single point of failure. Unhealthy control plane nodes are detected and replaced, and patching is provided for the control plane. The result is a resilient AWS-managed Kubernetes cluster that can withstand even the loss of an availability zone.

Organizations can choose to run EKS using AWS Fargate--a serverless compute engine for containers. With Fargate, there’s no longer a need to provision and manage servers; organizations can specify and pay for resources per application. Fargate, through application isolation by design, also improves security.

And of course, as part of the AWS landscape, EKS is integrated with variousAWS monitoringservices, making it easy for organizations to scale and secure applications seamlessly. From AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) for authentication to Elastic Load Balancing for load distribution, the straightforwardness and convenience factor of using EKS can’t be understated.


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