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What is AWS WAF?

The security system known as the AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) manages incoming and outgoing traffic for websites and applications hosted by Amazon Web Services. Applications and websites are protected from common Web assaults by AWS WAF, which would otherwise have a detrimental impact on the availability and performance of the applications.

AWS WAF gives a developer the flexibility to build security rules to allow, restrict or monitor HTTP requests. AWS' content delivery network, Amazon CloudFront, gets a request from a user and sends it to AWS WAF for review. The response from AWS WAF is then to either block or approve the request. A developer can also leverage the CloudFront integration of Amazon WAF to offer security to websites hosted elsewhere.

In AWS WAF, programmers can set restrictions on certain IP addresses, HTTP headers, and URI strings. AWS WAF rules can stop attacks that target weaknesses in websites or applications, like SQL injection and cross-site scripting. A developer can monitor the success of rules by looking at real-time metrics in Amazon CloudWatch or by looking through sampled HTTP requests saved in the AWS WAF API or AWS Management Console. Rules take around a minute to activate. For each request, these metrics contain the IP addresses, geolocations, and URIs.

By configuring a "count" action, a developer can additionally test firewall rules by keeping track of how many earlier HTTP requests would have been denied or permitted in the presence of that rule. Many websites and applications can be protected by a single established set of rules. A developer can also create alarms in Amazon CloudWatch for specific threats or when predetermined criteria are reached.

Why to use AWS WAF?

Protection from attacks

With no latency impact on incoming traffic, WAF supports hundreds of rules that can inspect any portion of the web request. Amazon WAF defends against attacks by filtering traffic according to rules that you define.

Web Traffic Visibility

AWS WAF provides web traffic visibility in close to real-time, which may be used to develop new rules or alerts in Amazon CloudWatch. It also helps with security automation, analytics, or audits.

Managed Rules

In order to free up more time for application development, managed rules, such as those for the OWASP Top 10 Security Risks, are automatically updated as new issues arise.


By integrating Amazon Firewall Manager, you can develop and manage your rules centrally and reuse them for all the web apps you need to secure.


The Amazon WAF API or the GUI can be used to customize every aspect of AWS WAF, allowing security to be incorporated into early application development stages.


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