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What is AWS Glue?

For analytics, machine learning, and application development, AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that makes discovering, preparing, and integrating data straightforward. You can start studying and using your data in minutes rather than months thanks to AWS Glue, which provides all the features needed for data integration.

Why to use AWS Glue?

You can acquire insights and apply your expertise to make new enhancements in minutes as opposed to months thanks to Amazon Glue's comprehensive set of data integration options. You should be aware of the features listed below.

Automatic schema discovery

Crawlers that gather data about schemas and store it in a data catalogue so that it can subsequently be utilised to manage jobs can be automated by developers using Glue.

Job scheduler

Flexible scheduling and on-demand calling of glue jobs are possible using event-based triggers. Users can specify job dependencies and many jobs can be started at once.

Developer endpoints

They can be used by developers to debug Glue and to create unique readers, writers, and transformations that can then be imported into unique libraries.

Automatic code generation

All that is required for the ETL process to generate code is a place or path where the data should be saved. Python or Scala is used to write the programme.

Integrated data catalog

Acts as a single metadata repository for information coming from various sources.


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