What is Amazon GuardDuty EKS Protection

In cybersecurity, there is an ancient saying that goes, "You need to be correct every time. Only once does the attacker need to be correct. Cybersecurity experts must continually be prepared to respond to these risks since cybercriminals are constantly searching for new attack routes. We rely on automatic threat detection because it is impractical to do this with only human power.

Systems like this are made to keep an eye on your network or cloud deployment and detect suspicious or malicious traffic. Following that, it can either employ pre-established rules to block or isolate these problematic locations or, in some situations, flag the incursion for additional examination by a cybersecurity expert.

This reduces the amount of human mistake and automates the time-consuming and laborious components of cybersecurity. Additionally, the system use machine learning to more accurately identify possible attacks over time, and it provides security professionals with an integrated threat intelligence picture of their infrastructure at a glance.

Because it would be prohibitively expensive to build these systems internally, it is usually advisable to look for solutions that can be integrated into your current infrastructure. That is Amazon GuardDuty EKS Protection in the case of AWS.

A combination of machine learning, anomaly detection, and integrated threat intelligence is used by Amazon GuardDuty, a managed threat detection service, to find, flag, and rank possible threats. It can be used to safeguard nearly every part of your AWS cloud installation overall, but it wasn't compatible with GuardDuty EKS Protection until recently. That was altered in January 2022 when Amazon EKS was added to this capability. Highlights consist of: It can operate without the need for any additional software. Continuous monitoring of your AWS setup around-the-clock, without any additional fees or complexity. worldwide distribution. An infrastructure-level monitoring system that keeps an eye on everything in your account and notifies you of any unusual activity. An automatic, intuitive threat severity rating that aids cybersecurity experts in ranking possible threats.

Top Benefits of Amazon GuardDuty EKS

GuardDuty EKS prioritises and highlights possible threats in real-time by utilising a powerful combination of anomaly detection, machine learning, and integrated threat detection. Threats will be categorised by severity using this method, which will assist your cybersecurity team in staying ahead of the most pressing issues and, in the end, improve the responsiveness and stability of your AWS deployment.

Using Amazon GuardDuty EKS, any organisation may easily improve its security posture right away. It is made expressly to work in an Amazon EKS environment and doesn't require pricey third-party vendor software. This allows you to quickly provide a strong tool to your cybersecurity team without taking on a large amount of debt in technology.

GuardDuty EKS can monitor every aspect of your account, from unusual behaviour to the infrastructure level, even though it is unable to actively stop threats. This is especially helpful when doing reviews to figure out exactly how your implementation was compromised.

You may conduct a thorough security investigation and close any gaps by combining the findings with context, metadata, and impacted resource details that you receive from GuardDuty EKS with Amazon Detective.

The expense is a constant concern for security teams. If you overspend, your budget will have an excruciatingly high line item. If you spend too little, you run the danger of missing out on an expensive breakthrough. Startups should be especially concerned about this, as they frequently have to minimise expenses and maintain low burn rates. GuardDuty EKS is made to be as economical as feasible while yet providing enterprise-level value in order to address this. Furthermore, GuardDuty for EKS is available on Amazon for a 30-day free trial, and the GuardDuty console provides an expected spend feature to assist with budgeting for future costs.


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